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Marketing is a very important step towards achieving good sales and help the organization or company reach heights. There are several types of organizations or companies present such small scale, large scale and multi-national organizations. Therefore each and every organization has to have different marketing strategies to attract its targeted customers or clients.

Without intelligence marketing, you may have developed world's best app or product or the greatest service oriented solution, without marketing, you may have the best product ever invented or the greatest service solution, yet no one knows.

Moreover, marketing alone can't help alone if the product or the services offered by an organization or company is not good or up to the mark. Product or services that are to be offered by a company or an organization should be complying with the market standards. Market standards don't vary for multinational companies; they remain uniform all around the world.

Marketing strategies can't always be successful for every organization or company. It may fail shockingly at times. Example of this can be Nokia – whose strategy of non reduction of its phone prices and non inclusion android platform for its smart phones. As compared to the lower prices of smart phones of Samsung with android platform ensured the downfall of Nokia's smart phone market and slowly exit from the Indian cell phone market.


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